Steamboat Springs, a Nordic Mecca

March 6th, 2018


Steamboat’s wide array of cross country ski areas makes it a premiere destination for Nordic skiers.

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Steamboat is known for many things: its famous tree skiing, champagne powder, and western heritage. But what a lot of people might not realize is that Steamboat is fast-becoming one of the best destinations for Nordic skiing in the U.S.

Cross country skiing is nothing new: the Nordic skiing tradition in Steamboat is well over a century old. In case you’re looking for some good dinner conversation, the story goes something like this: When Karl Hovelsen emigrated to the United States from Norway in 1905 and eventually settled in Steamboat in 1913, he brought Nordic skiing with him. Later known as Carl Howelsen, he’s the guy who Howelsen Hill was named after. There, he trained many locals in Nordic skiing and so began one of the most prolific Nordic skiing programs in the United States, with a legacy that continues today.

Home on the Range

March 6th, 2018


Steamboat’s holds on tight to its western heritage despite challenges.

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Marsha Daughenbaugh was born and raised in the Elk River Valley on her family’s cattle and hay ranch and is now in the process of turning it over to her daughter and son-in-law, to be passed down to the third and fourth generation in her family.

Steamboat is steeped in its western heritage and has a long history in agriculture, and that heritage is as synonymous with Steamboat Springs as our famous powder and tree skiing. At the same time, rising property values, a higher cost of living, new development and an economy that is primarily sustained by recreation and resort has posed more challenges than ever before for multi-generational ranchers to hold onto their legacies.

A Rare Breed: An Affordable Home

March 5th, 2018

A Rare Breed: An Affordable Home

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to find an affordable home in Steamboat Springs for the average Buyer. But look no further, we have a great property for you. And yes:

- It’s in the Mountain Area!

- It’s on the city bus route and core trail!

- It overlooks Walton Creek!

- It has ski area views!

- It has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms!

- HOA dues are low!

- It’s an end position townhome

- You can walk to Rex’s Bar and Grill!

- You can walk to Whistler Park!

- You can have your pets!

So come take a look at 3170 Ingles Lane #A-5! Click here to view full listing details.




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Ikon Pass Sale through April 9!

March 1st, 2018

Ikon Pass Sale through April 9

1 pass, 26 destinations.

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The newly announced Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass will go on sale March 6th. These passes are available at introductory pricing through April 9th! Winter 2018/19 passes will also be able to used beginning April 9th at a handful of participating resorts (not Steamboat unfortunately) and through the summer to ride the gondola.

Pricing for passes purchased after April 9 is not yet known. So click on the link, check out the new options, and don’t miss out!




February 8th, 2018

Steamboat Springs, CO Market Report for February 2018

Get the latest news in the local market today!

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Lets talk inventory!

Limited residential inventory has been an increasing issue since the end of the recession. With fewer homes for sale, competition for buyers is fierce, and homes spend less time on the market and prices are driven higher. Inventory shortages are becoming a national crisis and there is no single cause – and consequently no single solution. Here’s a look at some of the factors contributing to local inventory woes in a little more detail:

The migration slowdown. Americans are moving less than they have historically done.

  • - The widening price gap between starter homes and next level homes means that home buyers cannot afford to make the leap and upsize. The increase in housing costs and the equity built into inexpensive starter homes purchased years ago leaves would-be buyers at a loss. Thus home owners are staying put.


February 5th, 2018


Everything you need to know about today’s lending climate.

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In 2017, the news cycle felt more like a roller coaster ride with the daily barrage of ups and downs, but what about the real estate market? No one can deny the political climate has been unstable, but what’s on everyone’s mind (especially in the world of real estate) is: How is that going to affect mortgage interest rates?

The good news is that low interest rates remained stable last year. And while no one can predict the future, we caught up with local mortgage banker Kathryn Pedersen to take a look at trends in 2017 and what to think about in the new year.

The bad news first: interest rates are on the rise.
“The predication is rates will continue to rise this year. Nothing crazy, maybe .375 to maybe a half percent, depending on what happens with the economy,” Pedersen says. Still, that can add up over time, especially with larger mortgages.

Mountain Architecture Year in Review

January 8th, 2018

Mountain Architecture Year in Review: An Art Form of Compromise

Trends come and go, but for longtime Steamboat architect Joe Patrick Robbins, the client’s tastes are always the bottom line.

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It doesn’t take much to see where Steamboat architecture is headed. There are enough construction sites around town to know that more modern features like single-pitched rooves and clean lines with a lot of metal and glass have arrived in Steamboat, along with the kind of high-end, high-dollar homes that were once associated with upscale resorts like Telluride, Vail, and Aspen.

But one thing remains the same, according to Joe Patrick Robbins, an architect who has been designing houses in Steamboat for 45 years: Regardless of the trends, good design is always going to be timeless. “It’s really important that an architectural design isn’t so tied to a trend or a fad that it then becomes easily identified as a house that’s built in certain time period. A really thoughtful design is going to have a certain timeless element.”


January 8th, 2018

Steamboat Springs, CO Market Report for January 2018

Get the latest news and find out what is hot in the local market today!

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Thank you to the following companies for providing some of the statistics discussed:

Land Title Guarantee Company (click for full November report)

*S&P Core Logic Case-Shiller Home Prices Indices (click for latest figures)

Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors (click for November roundup)

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Hunting for a Mountain Area Home?

December 28th, 2017

Hunting for a Mountain Area Home?

New to the market is this great townhouse on Hunters Drive – a quiet residential neighborhood with community pond, walking trails, on the city bus loop, and just a few minutes from the Steamboat Ski Area. The home lives like a duplex and feels spacious and private courtesy of the expansive decks, plentiful windows and thoughtful layout.

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The attached two car garage is a prime feature in this snowy mountain town. It also serves to add privacy between the two sides of the home.

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Vaulted ceilings, hickory wood floors, abundant natural light make for a warm and inviting living area. Opening to the dining area and onto the large and sunny decks, this is a great design for entertaining.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 11.15.36 AM.

The kitchen is discretely positioned to take advantage of the great views whilst remaining user friendly and hiding dishes from sight.

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December 7th, 2017

Steamboat Springs, CO Market Report for December 2017

Welcome to our monthly Real Estate video market report!

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Talking Home Affordability. You hear that word a lot these days, but what exactly does it mean? Well in a nutshell, it means how much house can you afford. And this varies for everyone.

Some of the key factors in calculating affordability are:

  • - monthly income
  • - funds to cover your down payment and closing costs
  • - monthly expenses
  • - Existing debt
  • - Credit profile
  • - Ongoing costs associated with property in addition to the home price eg. HOA dues, etc.

Housing affordability is an increasing challenge throughout the country, not surprising when you see figures such as 6.2% average year over year home gains in September*. But how does this look in our little mountain town? The Housing Affordability Index  calculated by the Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors indicates that home affordability for YTD 2017 is quite a bit harder than the same time last year. A number of factors go into this calculation and in all honesty I don’t have the equation, but it is based on interest rates, median sales price and average income by county.