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Steamboat Springs, CO Real Estate Report

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Steamboat Springs, CO Real Estate Report

With the warmer weather of late, it feels like its almost time to say goodbye to another winter in Steamboat Springs. But hold onto your hats, we aren’t there yet! There is still plenty of snow and lots of adventures to be had before the melt, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air!

Routt County Real Estate Analysis

It has been a strong start for Routt County real estate in 2016. Gross sales totaled $37.2M, up +12.36% compared to last January.  This comprised 77 transactions, an increase of +8.45% compared to last January. Fun facts: almost two thirds of buyers were local to the community and 37% of sales were cash transactions.


Residential Transaction Price Point Analysis January 2016


Price Point

# of transactions

% of transactions

% of gross volume

% of transactions 2015

% of gross volume     2015

When Is The Right Time To Sell?

Friday, February 26th, 2016

When is the right time to sell?

Well the answer to that will depend on your personal and financial situations, but if you have been hedging whether to list or not, here’s something to consider: ABSORPTION RATE.

In the real estate world, the absorption rate is like a barometer for the health of the market. It is a calculation based on current listings and average sales per month. For example, in the last 4 months a total of 8 homes sold – an average of 2 homes per month. Currently listed for sale in that same market is 25 homes. So based on current averages it will take 12.5 months to sell the existing inventory. Now that doesn’t factor in new listings that may arise, but it is a snapshot of the market at this particular time. And more importantly, by monitoring the absorption rate of the market we can get a picture of how the market is trending.

How Many Porches On Your Dream Home?

Monday, February 15th, 2016

How many porches on your dream home? How about a wraparound veranda, an open terrace, and a romantic master balcony?


Just listed is a delightful stone and timber home on 35 acres of undulating pastures and montane scrubland. Located within a gated enclave consisting of just a handful of properties, prepare to be surrounded by stunning views and meandering wildlife.

Be smitten by the mountain architecture, multiple wood burning fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, sun drenched reading nook, and the vistas from every room.


Three bedrooms, three bathrooms in the main home plus a fully decked out one bedroom caretaker suite above the three car garage mean there is plenty of space for friends and family. Clearly good things come in threes!


A feeling of isolation and complete privacy evokes images of the wild west, however you are only 35 minutes to Steamboat Springs and 5 minutes to Stagecoach reservoir. The National Forest is accessible nearby to satisfy the outdoorsman/woman in you.

Rock Climbing in Steamboat Springs

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Hello Steamboat Climbers,


Wed, Nov 16th
EOS Middle School Wall

5:00-7:00 Open Climb and Kids Climbing

Wed, Nov 30th
EOS Middle School Wall

5:00-7:00 Open Climb and Kids Climbing

Wed, Dec 7th
EOS Middle School Wall
5:00-7:00 Open Climb and Kids Climbing

Wed, Dec 14th
EOS Middle School Wall
5:00-7:00 Open Climb and Kids Climbing

Wed, Dec 21st
EOS Middle School Wall
5:00-7:00 Open Climb and Kids Climbing


Back in early January 2017!
Here is the schedule for Community Indoor Climbing at the Strawberry Middle School climbing wall.
Rock climbing

Rock climbing

Open climb is for all ages. For special group rates and times, please call or email.

Cost: $5 to Climb - benefits the climbing wall and Everything Outdoors Steamboat - our usage helps maintain the wall and auto-belays for the school. Also benefiting “Friends of Steamboat Climbing”

Rental: $5 for Shoes/Harness

Parent/Guardian must sign waivers for minors and remain present to supervise own children.

There is auto-belay so there no belaying necessary. All you need is shoes and harness.

For more information and current schedule call:

Patrick Meyer
Owner / Guide
Rocky Mountain Ventures – Climbing Guides

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Springs Year-End Real Estate Report

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Steamboat Springs Year-End Real Estate Report


Steamboat Springs Ski Area

Steamboat Springs Ski Area

Routt County Real Estate Analysis

December was a good month and a great way to end 2015. There were 142 transactions for $99.2M in gross volume. That’s up by +70% compared to December 2014. Transactions were up by +17% from December 2014.

In total for 2015, there was $700,083,935 in gross sales (up 17% over 2014) and 1,457 Transactions (up +7% over 2014)   Total sales were the highest it’s been since 2008.

  • 2008 = $725M

  • 2009 = $439M

  • 2010 = $512M

  • 2011 = $450M

  • 2012 = $483M

  • 2013 = $503M

  • 2014 = $598M

  • 2015 = $700M


Residential Transaction Price Point Analysis for 2015


Price Point

# of transactions

% of transactions

2014% of transactions

% of volume

2014  % of volume

Nest: Technology Changing Property Management

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Nest: Technology Changing Property Management


Nest Photo

Your Steamboat Spring property is the sanctuary you escape to whenever you get the chance, but busy schedules and distance can make it tricky to check in and make sure everything is just as you left it.  That tingling at the back of your neck or knot in your stomach telling you that something is amiss can drive you mad. Fortunately now you can make sure the mechanical room is warm and dry, the stove is off and your new ski’s were delivered wherever you have cell service or an Internet connection.

Many of you will already use or be considering using a property management company to monitor and maintain your vacation home. At a minimum, your home would be inspected on a weekly basis. But with the possibility of freezing pipes, leaks, flat alarm batteries, wildlife letting themselves through the open dog door, is that enough? Plus, these services don’t come cheap.