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Friday, October 13th, 2017

Home Heating 101

Home heating is likely the largest energy expense in your home, accounting for about 45% of the average American family’s energy bills. Especially in a place like the Colorado mountains where snowfall can happen at any time and snow is our faithful friend. Making smart decisions on your heating can help you significantly cut your heating costs, and the Energy Saver infographic below from is a great place to start:



Friday, October 6th, 2017

A Smarter Radon Detector

If you regularly read my blogs or have purchased real estate in Routt County, you probably know that radon levels are high in more than half of all homes here. Higher than the EPA recommends and higher than is safe for you and your families long term health (radon is considered to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US today!).

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 10.40.37 AM

*Image courtesy of

If you don’t, then lets catch you up on the nitty gritty of radon. Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown uranium in the ground. Trace amounts of uranium are located all around us, and therefore so is radon. Which just happens to be highly toxic. Outside in nature this gas is dispersed enough that our body can react accordingly. However when radon seeps into your well insulated, well sealed home, it essentially becomes trapped and concentrated in the air you breathe. Click here for more information on radon in your home.

Steamboat Springs Community Recycling Day – Sept 23, 2017

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Steamboat Springs Community Recycling Day

It’s time to clean out the garage, that space under the stairs, and the piles under the deck!

This Saturday, September 23 from 9am – noon at the Meadows Parking Lot the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council (YVSC) will be hosting their annual Community Recycling Drop-Off Day. Numerous materials will be accepted for free recycling while some of those hard-to-recycle items, like electronics, paint, and appliances, have a nominal fee.


You know you are in a ski town when even those get recycled! (Photo: Matt Stensland)

Please note that this is for residential recycling only, YVSC asks for only one vehicle load per household.

In an effort to capture more hard-to-recycle materials from our community, YVSC is also offering a Commercial Recycling Drop-Off from 1 to 4 p.m. This is for businesses and by appointment only. To schedule an appointment contact

Know before you go: Click here for your guide to recycling day.

Winter Is Fast Approaching, It’s Time To Prepare Your Home

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Winter Is Fast Approaching, It’s Time To Prepare Your Home

Fall Aspen Grove on Steamboat Springs Ski Area - Mt. Werner

Fall Aspen Grove on Steamboat Springs Ski Area – Mt. Werner

The leaves are gradually turning and the nights have been getting cold. The veggie patch is done for the summer and the ice scraper was put back in the car this morning (after being used!). For many of us fall is the most gorgeous time of the year, but snow will falling soon and for homeowners it is important to get your home ready for the cold winter season.

Here are some tips to help prepare your home for winter:

  •  Lawn, Garden & Deck
    • Mow grasses short and fertilize lawn prior to snowfall (assists spring growth plus can reduce rodent damage in winter)
    • Put away outdoor cushions, furniture & toys
    • Drain & winterize outdoor faucets & irrigation systems
    • Drain & put away hoses
    • Trim branches that hang over house or near home

Be Spring Smart

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Be Spring Smart.

When you think of flooding, images of rivers breaking levees and cars submerged in water come to mind. But what many people don’t realize is that everyone is at risk of spring flooding, even if you don’t live near a body of water.

Yampa River flooding Rotary Park, Steamboat Springs

Yampa River flooding Rotary Park, Steamboat Springs

Spring in the mountains is unpredictable – warmer sunny weather mixed with snow, sleet and rain; a perfect cocktail for flooding. The frozen ground is slowly thawing but the rapidly melting snow and rain cannot be absorbed so creates runoff. Storm drains are often backed up, water levels are rising and streams are flowing fast. It only takes a few inches of water to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. And in addition to flooding, this movement of water can also trigger landslides and cause damage to vegetation.

To all the home owners out there, our suggestions to you are:

Nest: Technology Changing Property Management

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Nest: Technology Changing Property Management


Nest Photo

Your Steamboat Spring property is the sanctuary you escape to whenever you get the chance, but busy schedules and distance can make it tricky to check in and make sure everything is just as you left it.  That tingling at the back of your neck or knot in your stomach telling you that something is amiss can drive you mad. Fortunately now you can make sure the mechanical room is warm and dry, the stove is off and your new ski’s were delivered wherever you have cell service or an Internet connection.

Many of you will already use or be considering using a property management company to monitor and maintain your vacation home. At a minimum, your home would be inspected on a weekly basis. But with the possibility of freezing pipes, leaks, flat alarm batteries, wildlife letting themselves through the open dog door, is that enough? Plus, these services don’t come cheap.