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5 Key Steps To Selling A Home

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

5 Key Steps To Selling A Home

There are many factors that go into selling a home, which a good real estate agent will discuss with you. But here are 5 tried and true steps that every seller should prepare for and do when putting their home on the market:

An inviting walkway can set the mood as well as direct people to a discretely positioned front door.

1. Curb appeal. First impressions count, especially in real estate. If a buyer gets a bad impression before they enter the home, your house has to work that much harder to get their interest.

A beautiful front yard has a big impact, but if gardening isn’t your thing then at a bare minimum you should mow, remove weeds, rake leaves, trim branches that are overhanging walkways, straighten the patio furniture, and remove any items that might deter buyers. If it is winter then make sure walkways and driveways are cleared of snow and ice.