Steamboat Springs Flooding

June 6th, 2011

With several feet of snow in the hill, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, aka: Ski Town USA is about to go under water. Depending on the temperatures, the snow on the mountains is now filling the rivers around Steamboat Springs.

This board walk is usually about 4-5 feet off the ground.

Steamboat Springs Yampa Flooding

Steamboat Springs Yampa Flooding

Here’s a recent news clip from the Elk River and the local paper

Time will tell how this will affect the lower areas around Steamboat. But people are starting to get concerned.

Flooding In Steamboat Springs Colorado

Flooding In Steamboat Springs Colorado

This is my favorite bridge with a lot of water running under it now.

No fishing in Steamboat Springs for a while

No fishing in Steamboat Springs for a while

Steamboat Springs — High waters continued to flow from rivers, creeks and streams in and around Steamboat Springs, Colorado on Sunday as the record snowpack continues to melt, and a flood warning remains in effect for much of Routt County until 9 a.m. Tuesday. Our fingers are crossed.

And then there’s a big delay in catching fish. That’s too is not good. See article about the fishing concerns here.

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