Modern Architecture: Cool Homes are the “Hotcakes” in Real Estate

October 10th, 2011

Cool Homes – Architectural Freedom is how we express ourselves and how we choose to live in our real estate. “A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart.” Frank Lloyd Wright.As a youth, I dreamed of being an architect. But since that never came true, being a realtor just might be the second best option for I get to see a lot of inspiring homes.

Cool Home in Old Town Steamboat

Living in the ski resort community of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where affluent second home owners just might out number local jobs, you don’t have to look far to see some amazing homes.  But I would not consider these “cool homes.” It’s not that often that a particular home catches my eye. Yet every once in a while, I’ll pull up to a home and something really stands out. Maybe it’s the look of the home. Or maybe the architectural style has pushed the boundaries a bit: a unique roof line, the alignment of the windows,  the material used to create the home. Something about the home just resonates as being different. Either way, I love discovering these cool homes and taking note of them.

When I see interesting styles, I always wonder what inspired them. In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the style of home is very rugged and mountain-like with large timbers and an abundant of rock work. So it’s not often that something really catches my eye. But more and more, I’m starting to see more aspects of modern architecture creeping into new construction. The overall style and theme of the home might sit perfectly as a “mountain style home” but there might be a roof line or a material used that shines like a budding flower waiting to explode.

Steamboat Cool Homes

Steamboat Cool Homes

Many cities have entire neighborhoods that cater to contemporary architecture: Lincoln Park in Chicago, Chautauqua / University Hill in Boulder, or Shadyside in Pittsburgh. But here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, there’s just a handful of cool homes in the entire area. So finding a modern home to buy is not easy. In fact that’s the main reason we’re seeing new home popping up all over town with a contemporary flare to them.  If you can’t find one to buy, build it.

They might not be as old as these Boulder gems but they are great homes and getting more popular every year.

Boulder Colorado Modern Home

Boulder Colorado Modern Home

Boulder Home

Boulder Home

I’m not saying “Dwell” magazine subscriptions out number “Sunset”, but over the last few years, the portfolios of architecture firms grasping modern aspects are taking root. And home owners and buyers alike are absorbing these properties with passion.

I listed this home last spring. It sold with multiple offers in three days. Seems to be a little demand for “cool homes” in Steamboat Springs.

Location is still a huge factor in real estate values, but architectural style can also add an incredible amount of value to properties. And I don’t see this as a fad – Cool Homes and here to stay.


Charlie Dresen
Steamboat Springs Real Estate
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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