Andy Schleck, 2nd in Tour de France, rides in Steamboat Springs

August 15th, 2011
Schleck Tour de France

Schleck Tour de France

Andy Schleck- 2nd in Tour de France rides in Steamboat Springs

Monday morning at 10am in heart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Andy Schleck went for a bike ride.

Andy Schleck in Steamboat Springs

Andy Schleck in Steamboat Springs

He was not alone on the ride. It was posted all over Facebook and also the local newspaper. At 9:30 am the crowd was building. I’d say about 200 riders joined him in all for a 15 mile ride out of town where Andy Schleck was to then launch into a training ride around Steamboat Springs in preparation for upcoming USA Pro Cycling Challenge. One stage of this race will be right here in Steamboat Springs.

This is a huge event for Colorado and even a larger event for Steamboat Springs.

Schleck in Steamboat Pro Cycling

Schleck in Steamboat Pro Cycling

Andy Schleck - 2nd in Tour de France in Steamboat Springs

Andy Schleck – 2nd in Tour de France in Steamboat Springs

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is a seven day professional cycling race consisting of 128 of the world’s top riders and is expected to be one of the largest spectator sporting events to take place in the United States.

The City of Steamboat Springs is proud to be the only city to host two stages – the Stage 4 Finish in downtown Steamboat Springs, and the Stage 5 Start on from the Meadows Parking lot at Mt Werner.

Come visit Steamboat Springs soon and see the best bicycle racers in the world. Or take in some great fly fishing. I guess Andy was staying at Marabou, here in Steamboat Springs to relax and catch big trout.

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