Routt ranked healthiest rural community in nation by US News and World Report

When we moved here in 2005, I was surprised at the amount of people out and about and engaged in recreation. I mean it’s a ski town after all. But this town takes health to a new level. People riding their bikes, out hiking the trails, and generally engaged in the outdoors. “Understanding the cultures of communities around the U.S. and how they can overcome obstacles to health and wellness is a key driver behind the U.S. News Healthiest Communities rankings, which allow residents to compare their communities with others across the nation of similar geographic status and economic strength.” US NEWS

Routt County #1
Routt County #1

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It’s not just about exercise though. And there are areas we can improve. Education is one area we are addressing and is improving. Housing is also another area of concern. There too, we are seeing more affordable housing being built, albeit slowly.

That said, hats off to community leaders and all those who live here in routt county.