Over 94% of all consumers start their home search online.

If consumers are searching for real estate online, why not provide real estate buyers and sellers the best tools available?  I use video in real estate for many reasons, but primarily because video moves and more importantly, VIDEO MOVES PEOPLE.  Video is engaging. Video can bring to life what is the very core of real estate – emotions.

Video is Emotional. Video conveys so much more than pictures.  If a picture is worth a thousands words, video could be worth millions. How often are you drawn to a video because it elicits an emotion – be it happy or sad, video can be emotional.

Video is Real. With video, you can bring something to life. You can bring a home to a buyer thousands of miles away. You can show a buyer the neighborhood or what it’s like to fish in Steamboat.  You can show the public who you are and what you’re about.

Video is Lasting. People learn and remember in many ways. But more remember what they see than what they read.  Visual sights can trigger many emotions and those emotions are long lasting like in this video. So if you can make a video of the home that moves someone, they will remember those feeling a lot better then something they read.

Video is Personable.  When I meet a lot of my clients, they say they “know me already” by watching my videos.  With 94% of the people going online to search for real estate, I figure they are searching for a real estate agent as well. So I provide videos of who I am too.

Video gets to the Point. As long as it’s not a 5 minute long video, using video in real estate gets to the point.  Time is valuable. Our attention spans seem to be shrinking. The Internet provides us with more information than we know what to do with. And we tend to not wait too long for that information.  Video does that.  Using video for real estate is the best way I know of spreading the word . . . FAST.

A month ago I received a call from a person that had been trying to sell their home for 3 years. They called after seeing one of my real estate videos online and felt their home would have a better chance of selling by using video. So after a little fresh paint, here’s a fresh look at a wonderful home near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Regards,  Charlie