A Changing Real Estate Industry – Consumer Tools and Information

The business of Real Estate has changed significantly over recent years. 96% of buyers use the Internet for their real estate needs.

I have been helping people buy homes for over 9 years.  What is crazy is that the home buying process that most people use is based on an era where information was tightly held by the real estate industry. The times have changed.  This “internet thing” has changed the rules of the game, in your favor!

  1. Your Mouse Has Replaced Your Car – You’re a click away from seeing all the new listings in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. No more driving around your favorite neighborhoods to see what just hit the market. You can use several special tools that I will show you to let you be “in the know” for what you want to know, about any neighborhood or part of town that you find interesting.
  2.  Open Houses 24/7 – Traditional “open houses” allowed prospective home buyers to walk through homes to see what they look like inside. Now you can do that online. Find a home that meets your search criteria and then just take the virtual tour with pictures and video of Steamboat properties. It’s a great way to gain an insight to what homes in different prices ranges offer.
  3. Tools That Will Feed You The Information  – How about getting an email every morning providing you with a list of homes that meets your pre-determined needs. Somebody lowers their price to your desired range today and you find out today. No need to call a real estate agent, you have the same information as they do!

What are you looking for?

There are 3 stages for buyers. Since 96% of buyers of real estate use the Internet, it’s likely that you might be in one of these 3 stages:

1. Information Gathering: This is the initial step to seeing what’s out there and at what price. People love looking at homes and seeing what you can get for your money.

2. Comparison Shoppers:  Now you’re digging deeper into homes and neighborhoods. Seeing what homes sold for and what the “real” prices might be.

3. Ready Buyers: You’re ready to make the move. You view homes and have a really good sense of the market and what available.  It’s only a matter of time.

What next?

Again, the real estate industry has changed and my website is tailored to providing you the information you are looking for no matter what stage you’re in.

Of course if you don’t find that information, feel free to send me an email at Charlie@SteamboatsMyHome.com  of give me a call at 970-846-6435.