A Roller-Coaster that is “Living in Steamboat in April”

We’ve all been on those roller-coasters that once it starts you just want it to end. It’s a right of passage. A necessary experience.

The few weeks between the powder fluffed ski season in ski town U.S.A. and the actual appearance of daffodils and green grass can be that long, arduous roller-coast that never ends.

This morning I look outside and it’s dumping. I mean snowing hard and looking like January.

Living in Steamboat Spring, Colorado right now is just hard. We’re right in the middle of that transition between winter and spring. Between snow blowing and mowing the lawn. Between wearing layers and wearing t-shirts.

One day it’s sunny and 67 degrees and we’re riding bikes and fishing in the Yampa River. The next we’re scraping ice off our windows and driving 18 MPH again to get to the office. It’s 18 degrees right now and snowing. WHEN WILL THIS END!!!

But it does end. The roller-coast abruptly stop and we get off and it’s spring time. The most wonderful part of living and working in Steamboat Springs.

Hang-on Steamboat, it’s close.

Give me a call or email me if you want to learn more about what it’s like to live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I will ride that roller-coast again. It’s worth the wait. Spring-time here we come.

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