Charlie Dresen- A Video on Selecting a Realtor

Selecting a realtor can be tough. And in Steamboat Springs there are 374 Realtors to choose from. How do you decide? Well, buying and selling real estate is one of the largest things you will do financially.

Selling and buying real estate is a big deal and one should always take it seriously. Never hire a friend, family member, acquaintance, or recommended agent based solely on your relationship with that person’s experience. It’s a lot of money. Hire an agent based on their professionalism, their expertise, their personality, and what services they will provide you. If it turns out to be your friend, mother, neighbor or recommendation, then that is great. But always interview the agent(s) and select the best one – the agent that provides a great service and will get the job done. I suggest interviewing 3 agents.

Within the interview ask the agent – If you’re selling: What are you going to do to sell my place for the most amount of money in the timeframe that works for us. Do not just hire the agent that tells you that they will sell your home for the most amount. That can and many times become just the opposite. If you’re buying: Ask the agent what are you going to do to find me the best property at the lowest amount?

So, hope that makes sense. I’d love the opportunity of getting to know you and assisting you through any real estate desires. This is what I do:

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