I use an Apple computer for much of my work. All my creative is done on a Mac. I edit  my real estate photographs and create all my real estate video on a 24 inch iMac. I could not imagine using anything else.

So it does not surprise me that Apple.com had an endearing picture of Steve Jobs on the home page of their site for two weeks. I found it a wonderful tribute to the legacy that Steve Jobs left.

For two weeks, Apple used the premiere real estate, being the home page of Apple.com to honor Steve.  Not for selling iPhone 4s, or selling the iPad 2, it was about honoring the man that lead Apple down many roads to success.

Every day I would visit the site just to see how long the home page would remain. And each day that the tribute remained made me appreciate Apple even more.

Steve Jobs and apple.com
Steve Jobs and apple.com

Today, Apple.com is back to selling, at least promoting the iPhone 4s. I’m sure they sold many in those 2 weeks. But to me, that said a lot about the dignity and culture of Apple. My hat is off to Apple.com – thanks.

Charlie – your Steamboat Springs Realtor iMac lover