Guide to Biking in Steamboat Springs


Steamboat biker
Steamboat Springs biker

Wow, trying to figure out how to write about biking in Steamboat Springs is a little like trying to figure out how to write about, oh, the universe. … where do I begin! In Bike City, USA, there is just so much going on and so many organizations, and trails, and projects, and awards, and memberships –  it’s a little overwhelming.

So, here is an introductory guide to finding information on biking in Steamboat Springs. This is in no way complete, it will just easily get you started:

Need to get out and ride?

Start here at the Steamboat Springs Chamber, I think they do an excellent job in providing a one-stop service for biking. Also Bike Town USA, and pick up the Biking Guide either here, online, or at the Visitor Center.

Need help fixing your bike?

We have many, many choices but I’ll mention two: The Ski Haus is a local favorite. The bike department is across the street from their main store near Safeways. Or try Steamboat Ski & Bike Kare.

Want to play with others?

Youth: the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, SSWC, offers opportunities for youth.

The not so youthful: the Steamboat springs Over the Hill Gang have weekly rides for a variety of styles and levels. “Over the Hill” in this case refers to over 50 which, I don’t think is that old…since I turn 50 this year….

Biking with Andy Schleck
Biking with Andy Schleck

Bicycling Advocacy:

Routt County Riders is a non-profit organization that is all things bikes for Steamboat Springs. They are not only members of the International Mountain biking Association but they promote and support mountain biking and road biking for everyone.

Whew, that information wasn’t all that easy to narrow down.  It’s a start so you can get out there and enjoy all that Steamboat has to offer.

Playing and being outside is an important element to our community and the Steamboat Lifestyle. That’s why Steamboats My Home.



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