Hazie’s – A Great Bar in Steamboat Springs Colorado

Sometimes the best bars are in unexpected places. Hazie’s at the top of the Gondola is a perfect example. It’s just a great, fun and slightly elegant restaurant and bar. Brian, the bartender, has been tending bar there for the past 8 years and has it all figured out. He does a great job of getting to know the patrons and he definitely makes everyone feel like a local. 

Brian the Bartender

Hazie’s, is a sit-down restaurant offering offering lunch daily and dinner Thursday-Sunday and Holidays, at the top of the Thunderhead Gondola. Their number is 970-871-5151. They offer gluten free items as well.

But, what I really like is the bar. Now, that didn’t quite come out the way I wanted it to… The bar has intimate traditional seating at the end of the dining room but also has seats along one long wall of windows. As you sip your ice cold beer or hot coffee drink, you can see the whole Yampa valley from Rabbit Ears up to Hahns Peak and beyond. Usually there is a small scope sitting on the window bar for searching out your home below. You really can see it all from those seats, that’s why I like the bar so much.

Brian has a specialty which is something to be admired. He is known for his homemade flavored vodkas. Today he had brewing vats of blueberry, peach, and two others that I’ve forgotten. And, of course, he had his famous hot pepper vodka.


Brian’s Vodkas

Brian  explained that his secret is to let the fruits or whatever he wants to create, just naturally sit and brew. He’s not a big fan of adding any sweetener or artificial flavoring which a lot of vodka manufacturers do. Most of the time, it’s just the essence of the flavor that sneaks in there to enhance your experience. Notice I said most of the time, not true with the hot pepper vodka. There is nothing subtle or sneaky about those peppers.

Brian’s Pepper Vodka

So, next time you are looking for something pretty special, stop on by and try a ginger-peach vodka cocktail overlooking Steamboat Springs from over 2,200′ above the valley floor.

There is a lot to experience in Steamboat Springs so you better get busy.

Call me, I’ll meet you at the bar.