Charlie telemark racing at Steamboat Springs - Photo by Joel Reichenberger
Charlie telemark racing at Steamboat Springs - Photo by Joel Reichenberger

In one week, I will be leaving for Norway to compete in the Telemark World Cup Skiing Finals and the Telemark World Championships. So check back for I’ll be writing blogs during my travels.

Hard to believe I have the time to race at such a high level let alone train for the events. But it’s all about focus and quality over quantity. At least in my hours put into this sport. I’ve been coaching telemark racing for the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club for a few years and have been racing on and off for several years. I call myself a racer/coach and when I have my race-face on I take it very seriously. Although it’s just a passion for my family and career in real estate take first priority over my adventures as a telemark ski racer.

If you want to learn more about telemark racing I’ve included many links below. In short, telemark ski racing is very similar to alpine ski racing in a giant slalom event. Only in telemark racing there are a few more tings thrown into the race to make is interesting. There are 3 events in telemark racing and all are giant slalom like races. There’s the Classic, which is one run and last from 2 ½ to 4 minutes. It’s a giant slalom course with a large jump in which racers must jump Nordic style and jump passed a line or else time is added to the over-all time. There’s also a Nordic skate section where racers skate on a flat section for around 1 minute. And there’s a large banked turn as a transition. There’s a Spring Classic, which is like a classic but shorter and 2 runs combined time. And then there’s the Giant Slalom, where there is no skate section just a large jump. During the race, racers must use the telemark technique with one knee dropped at each turn. If a racer does not use this style, one second is added to their time for each turn it is not performed.

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