Real Estate Changes Heading into 2011 – I Love What I Do

Real Estate changes heading into 2011, just like the 90’s where we saw technology exploding and really changing the course of our daily lives: amazon, Ebay, e-commerce, information, etc. Today in real estate that change is here. Think about these 4 quotes:

“Today, 92% of all real estate business is originating online…” – NAR, 2010

“Sellers want video. Buyers want to look at video. Yet less than 1% of all Realtors use video.” – Michael McClure, Professional One Franchising

“With real estate agents, it’s always been “all about them”. I don’t think that approach works anymore. You have to be a resource. It’s NOT about the person; it’s about creating a resource that is valuable.” – Chris Smith, Tech Savvy Agent

In regards to social media – “If you suck at liking people, then you are going to suck at Social Media. If you like engaging with people, you’re going to do pretty good job with Social Media.” – Scott Stratten,

Moving into 2011 and the daily practices of being in real estate, I can say that it’s a lot different then when my dad was selling real estate in Seattle 30 years ago. More importantly, it’s dramatically different than when I got into the business in 2002. Web 2.0 has taken real estate and propelled the practices into a new area. The information available online today is amazing, and I’m just talking about real estate information.

From the tax, sales, mortgage advise, etc. on to the constant updated foreclosure listings on personal sites and then the real-time real estate feeds from social media sites like facebookthe amount of real estate information for consumer is endless.

Embracing this era of real estate can be daunting. How does one sell real estate and still have time for Facebook, blogging, research, and keeping up with the MLS? Well, it’s a new way of thinking and task managing. It is consuming but it’s a way of life and I love it. To me the business of real estate is about homes and people. And the millions of details in between. It’s about connecting the dots and supplying what it is the consumer needs, today. Let’s go, I’m ready.

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