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Many properties in Steamboat Springs are in the county. Thus, they don’t have public sewer. Therefore, you need to know about septic systems. Whether you are looking to buy or already own a home with a septic system, this is some great information for you to know!

Top 3 mistakes:

1. Don’t bury your access covers.

2. Don’t drive over leach / drain field.

3. Don’t ignore your septic system. Service every 2-4 years.

Property care of your septic system will save you money in the end.

A septic system is a “Onsite wastewater treatment system” (OWTS)

There are two main parts to the basic OWTS: the tank and the drainfield.

The household wastewater flows into the tank (least 1,000 gallon capacity) where the average detention time is 30 hours.  Three layers are formed in the septic tank. The baffles in the tank which keep the wastewater flowing though the tank at a level near the middle of the tank.  Solids settle to the bottom, forming a layer of sludge. The grease and foam float to the top, forming a scum layer. Both the sludge and scum layers remain in the tank where bacteria work to break them down. In time, the layers build in size. When the layers become too large and take up too much space in the tank, the tank needs to be pumped. Every 2-4 years, the tank should be pumped out by a licensed OWTS cleaner. If the system is not pumped out when it is full of solids, the wastewater is not fully treated, and solid material can be carried into the drain field.  Solids in the drainfield can clog pipes and seal pores in the soil. When the pores become sealed with solids, the water no longer percolates as it should. The drainfield provides additional treatment of the wastewater. In the drainfield, wastewater trickles though a series of perforated pipes, though a layer of gravel, and down though the soil. The soil and soil bacteria act as a natural filters that help treat the wastewater.

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