If Steamboat Springs didn’t have snow making, we’d be doing a lot more fishing. With little snow making, my old stomping grounds Crystal Mountain in Washington State is getting dumped on with 28 inches over the last 2 days, here in Steamboat Springs, we’re all still doing “the snow dance.”

Snow making is the lifeline to skiing for many Colorado ski resorts this year. Across Colorado, these high pressure weather systems are keeping us out of the trees so far an on groomed runs kept alive by snow making.  So far, Steamboat’s is off to a slow start this winter. But things will get better.  Now skiing on man made snow isn’t much different. Snow making combines water and cold air to produce snow. Here’s a great video on how snow making works.

While here in Steamboat Springs we’re not skiing the “champagne powder” Steamboat is known for yet, but soon enough. The skiing is decent and snow is on the way for Steamboat.  In the meantime, keep on dancing and praying for snow.