Steamboat Springs’ $1M+ Closings Usher In November

There was more to celebrate in Steamboat Springs than Halloween last week. Five million dollar plus properties closed between October 31st and November 1st. While no one is predicting a new high-end sales trend, the closings are indicative of buyers wanting to get in before winter’s arrival.

Halloween on Lincoln Avenue
Halloween on Lincoln Avenue

In other positive Steamboat Springs’ real estate news, October saw 5 new construction projects in The Sanctuary either started or approved to start next year, while two homes are under construction in Boulder Ridge and one is being built on Ridge Road. These projects are a breath of fresh winter air for a construction market that hasn’t seen much recent activity.

Finally, since everything happens in threes or so they have recently, multiple offers have been received in the past few weeks on entry level homes and not just bank-owned residences. Entry level homes have seen a lot of action in the Steamboat Springs real estate market this year. Through September (year-to-date third quarter) sales of residences below $300,000 account for 49% of all the residential transactions.

So as the snow heads to Steamboat Springs, and the final two week countdown begins for the opening of the ski mountain, there is some positive momentum brewing in the Steamboat Springs real estate market. Will it stay – hopefully yes, and hopefully like the snow on the horizon, it’ll stick around for quite a while now that it’s here.

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