Steamboat Springs Seller’s Net $10,000 More Because of a Real Estate Video.

Using video in real estate works. Now I can’t definitively say my clients made more money because of a real estate video of their home, but I can make a good argument it helped get the sales price higher.

This Steamboat home closed recently for $585,000.  The asking price was $590,000 and below are the details:

Real Estate video
Real Estate video

When I list properties, I’m a firm believer in having all the marketing completed before the home is listed in the MLS. This way when potential buyers are introduced to the home, they have everything they need to make decisions. This home in the Fish Creek area of Steamboat Springs was no exception. The pictures were ready and looking sharp. The custom web-page was ready with all the details. And the video was ready.  The home was listed on the MLS and 1750 Fish Creek Falls road was FOR SALE.

Now Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a resort town in northwest Colorado. We are known because we have a great ski area and the town is a wonderful western town with a rich ranching heritage. There are roughly 11,000 full-time residences in Steamboat with tourism ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 on a given week.

The Steamboat Springs MLS has about 2,000 active listings with about 40-70 sales per month. So Steamboat Springs has a small MLS and roughly 50% of the sales are out-of-town or second home buyers.

Within a couple days, the home received about 4-5 showings and 2 offers. The first offer was well below asking price and was by a buyer sight-unseen. These buyers do not live in Steamboat Springs and could not get to town fast enough to take a look in person.  They only looked at the pictures and the real estate video I had made of the home. But we received another offer that same day. The first offer was willing to increase their offer up to the sales price of $585,000.

Now I’m going to speculate that had there not been a real estate video of this Steamboat home, the buyers of the home might not have felt comfortable enough to make an offer, let alone increase their offer, without stepping foot on the property. And the home might have sold for significantly less than asking price because there would have only been one offer.

Not too many people are willing to buy real estate without seeing the property in person. But with real estate videos, you can bring the home to the buyers and they can tour the home 24/7.

This home is SOLD. I’m SOLD on video. And my clients are firm believers in using video to sell real estate.