4 days in Norway now. Travels were pretty good. You never know what you’ll have during international travels. I must say my trip was pretty easy, thanks to a gal I sat next to on the train from Oslo to Lillehammer. I would have needed to catch a 45 minute bus ride then a $30 taxi to the hotel I’m staying in. But she knew the hotel owner and gave me a ride to my place.

The first day we skied at an area 45 minutes from where were staying. We had arranged to train with the Danish ski team so we took a taxi to the area. It’s not that easy to get around Norway so taxi is the easiest albeit not cheap.  Skied a GS training course for a few runs then crashed and dislocated my thumb. Not a pretty sight. But it didn’t hurt much so I pulled it back out and iced it for the next 8 hours.

Fast-forward 3 days. The night before the first race. Giant Slalom race tomorrow. I think I will start 31st out of about 70 male racers from 11 countries.  The French, Norwegians, Germans and Swedes are the  top countries. But there are several individuals that could break into the top ranks on any given day.  Other than my thumb, I’m feeling pretty good. The hill is great, after all it’s the same hill as the 1994 Olympics.

Here’s a few pictures from the trip so far.