Why You Should House Hunt in Autumn

Truly the most wonderful time of the year, especially in Colorado. The ever changing leaves, warm days, crisp nights, the allure of the upcoming holidays…. And it’s a surprisingly good time of the year to buy a home as well.

In fact, according to RealtyTrac, October is the best month of the year to get yourself a good deal. Here’s some reasons why:

  • There is less competition from families pushing to relocate before the school year begins
  • Summer is the peak selling season for single family homes in Steamboat Springs, so those that are listing in the fall are more likely to lower their asking price since there are less buyers looking.
  • Reduced pressure from fellow buyers and thus the race to view listings as soon as they are listed – viewing homes just became a little less stressful
  • Less wait for professionals such as appraisers and home inspectors
  • Hopefully less chance of a bidding war on the home of your dreams!

And lastly, sometimes its great to buy a house in Autumn simply because it’s a beautiful time of the year! Click here to get started on your home search today!


Glorious fall foliage at 2890 Bucks Path, Steamboat Springs