Finally, A Real Donut Shop in Steamboat Springs!

August 11th, 2011

Finally, a real Donut Shop in Steamboat Springs! They make them there fresh everyday.

Milk Run Donuts in Steamboat Springs

Milk Run Donuts in Steamboat Springs

 On the east coast you have Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme donut shops in every town…sometimes more than one. Here in Steamboat Springs, finding a donut used to mean heading to the bakery department in our local City Market or Safeway. For those of us who know just how good a freshly baked donut from a “real” donut shop can be, let’s face it, super market donuts just don’t cut it.

Fast forward to Saturday, August 6th when a new donut shop quietly opened in The Victoria building in downtown Steamboat Springs, CO.  Milk Run Donut Cafe…what a cool name; visions of multi colored sprinkled donuts came to mind immediately!

Milk Run Donut Cafe Logo

New Steamboat Springs Donut Store

It doesn’t take long for news to spread about a new eating establishment; especially one that provides pure indulgence food like a donut! Yep, even here in super fit, elite athlete filled Steamboat Springs, CO, we treat ourselves to something not-so-healthy once in a while, and hey, the name has “run” in it, and we’re all about running here in Steamboat Springs.

Months ago, Aaron & Lindsey had a vision. And that’s another things that’s so cool – this is not a franchise gig looking to make money off tourist. This is 2 young entrepreneurs waking up when most are going to bed and putting their heart and soul into making this business thrive. These two are living the American Dream and working hard to make sure all of Steamboat has great donuts. And Coffee too.

Aaron & Lindsey of Milk Run Donuts

Aaron & Lindsey of Milk Run Donuts

Vail Mountain Coffee & Espresso in Steamboat

Vail Mountain Coffee & Espresso in Steamboat

Sold Out. Yep, that’s right. Several times they sold every last donut. I guess that means they are doing better than expected. But heck, with custom “snickers donuts” and yeast donuts and 40 different others, it’s not hard finding one that will make you smile.  But it doesn’t stop there. This place offers a warm and inviting place to sit down, read the paper, work on your laptop, or whatever. There are plenty of casual tables and chairs to accommodate. And with so many different types, why leave.

Milk Run Donut Cafe in Steamboat Springs

Milk Run Donut Cafe in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat's new donut shop is a hit!

Steamboat’s new donut shop is a hit!

The Milk Run Donut Cafe will be top of my list.  So c’mon and head to 10th & Lincoln Streets in downtown Steamboat Springs, CO and support our newest local breakfast stop, the Milk Run Donut Cafe. There’s nothing like a sugar infused fried dough treat to get your day off to a good start!  941 Lincoln Ave. Open at 5:30 am – Closed Tuesday.

Menu at Milk Run Donut Cafe in Steamboat, Colorado

Menu at Milk Run Donut Cafe in Steamboat, Colorado

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3 Responses to 'Finally, A Real Donut Shop in Steamboat Springs!'

  1. Jo Kind says:

    We were visiting our daughter in Craig , recently , and had the pleasure of visiting your cafe . I’m glad we don’t have one in our town . I would weigh 300 pounds !
    Our daughter will be having a birthday ,next month, and it will be our first ever to not be with her ! She’s turning 40 . As much as she loves your donuts , I thought the perfect birthday cake would be donuts . Do you have gift certificates ?

  2. travis says:

    Contrary to popular belief the Milk Run is not the only and by far not the first donut shop in Steamboat. Judys Country Donuts has been serving ALL of Routt County for over 5 years and has a faithful following!! Try em out at the Space Station..see what you think.. or the Hospital..or Mountain Brew or fight some of the employees of Steamboat Resorts for one!! cuz there never is any left at any of the construction sites they deliver too. Judys Country Donuts is by far the best donut in town…

  3. Travis – Thanks for this comment. I have noticed the donuts at the Space Station but didn’t know where they came from. I just assumed they were not too fresh. But I will try them. Thanks

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