Move over gray: interior colors have warmed up, bringing on a whole new wave of other interior design trends with them.

Thinking of finally pulling the trigger on that long overdue renovation? Building a new home or updating an old one? Steamboat interior designer Kim Romick, owner of Into the West, lets you in on what’s trending for interior design in 2018.

A neutral palate.
“Gray is still out there, but I‘m finding people are getting a little tired of it,” Romick says. “We’ve being using less muddy colors and turning to warmer shades of gray that have a lighter feel. White will always remain, but in a warmer, creamier palate.” Romick says another trend with color is to stick to a neutral throughout the entire house for a crisper, cleaner look that creates continuity and lets architecture and artwork take center stage. “It’s not about color steering the direction anymore, or having rooms with different themes,” Romick says. “Whites can actually reflect what’s happening outside, literally bringing the outside in. “When considering a shade of white, I want to see how it’s going to reflect light throughout the course of the day because it will pick up different tones. What is outside is very relevant.”

Not your Grandma’s wallpaper.
Believe it or not, wallpaper is making a comeback, but with a modern twist. “When you have all these crisp, white walls throughout a house, we’re seeing a lot more wallpaper thrown into the mix in bathrooms and bedrooms,” Romick says. “There are a lot of fun prints with bold, geometric designs and even textured wallpaper like grass cloth.” Wallpaper is also easier to install and take down, in case you’re still having nightmares about the last time you had to remove some.

Beware of pervasive trends.
“I always get a little nervous when I see something everywhere, like at every furniture retailer,” says Romick. “It’s a sign that it’s a look you’re going to get tired of, if you overdo it.” Midcentury modern is one of those trends, which can be really cool, but should be used in moderation.

“Mixing elements of Midcentury modern can be spot on without reaching the tipping point. You can find one really cool desk or chair as the focal point, but the whole room does not need to go with that theme.”

Woods in the woods.
“With all these warmer whites, natural woods can be so pretty,” Romick says. “Nothing too polished, but something that lets the beauty, the nuances and the specialness of the wood come through – something that makes you really appreciate that it was found in nature.” Wood can create layers and texture in a room, and it never goes out of style—especially in the mountains.

Kitchen confidential.
“I think we’re going to see a trend back to warmer woods and quieter countertops with lots of white marble, quartzite and quartzes,” Romick says. Bye-bye subway tile backsplash – countertops that continue up to create a clean backsplash are making a comeback. Also getting a make-under are bathrooms. “Bathrooms have really cleaned up their act,” Romick says. More intricate tile patterns are taking a backseat to bigger format tile (think: 12” x 24” or even 24” x 24”) in unusual patterns (think: herringbone) for a cleaner look with less grout. Smaller tiles in one color are also back in. “I have been loving penny rounds or small hexes on the floor with larger patterns on the walls.” Even though natural stones and tiles will always be popular, intricate patterns and decorative boarders are out.

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 Reproduced with permission from SteamboatSIR.com