Real Estate Pending Sales Increase in Steamboat Colorado

In the last week or two, there’s been a notable increase in “pending” properties. I don’t necessarily see similarities in these, other than value and uniqueness of property. Below is a list of recent pending sales. And more intriguing is the fact that several of these have either back-up offers on them, or saw multiple offers.  Here’s some details for some of these listings in this group:

126480 – With high inventory, good to see downtown activity

126178 – Decent single family home for under 400,000

127237 – Relocation co. owned. Priced near 650,000 last summer. Several price reductions. Last one to 450,000 1 week ago. 5 offers as of yesterday

124847 – Bank owned, Silver Spur. Nice home

127227 – Good ski area townhome. 2 offers

126114 & 126115 Both priced near 2M months back. Bank owned. Under contract with back-up offers on both

126429 – Once priced near 3.2M. Bank owned. Good deal. Went for a bit less I believe

Other properties were just  market priced homes that went under contract.

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These confirms several of my practices and opinions:

  • Timing is always critical.
  • If the property is special to a buyer – don’t wait.
  • Know the market.
  • Pricing is critical to sell. Know where the buyers are looking and what makes then act.
  • For buyers- if priced high, make an offer that makes sense.
  • If priced low, act fast. Multiple offers decreases your leverage.
  • There are buyers in this market. And many are paying cash.
  • Everything matters – clean offers, tight terms, personal and professional.


Emerald Lodge in Steamboat
Emerald Lodge in Steamboat

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