The Chairlift is the New Google in Steamboat Springs

Chairlift Google can often be a better search engine than Google – for it’s more local.

Chairlift and Google
Chairlift and Google

Google-a search engine to find information
Chairlift Google-a search engine to find information

Steamboat has a reputation for being a very friendly town and that friendliness pours over onto the ski slopes too. If you don’t know anyone in town, just ski by yourself one day and suddenly you’ll have 3 phone numbers and 2 new best friends. Well, that might be stretching it a little but if you make an effort, you can meet a lot of really interesting people when you ski by yourself.

Besides the advantage of skipping to the head of the line when you use the singles lane, you get to meet a wide variety of folks. Recently I skied the 24-inches of powder (yes, 24”) with two guys from Wisconsin. Both were in their 60’s and had Steamboat as a second home for over 30 years. They knew the mountain inside out so we had a great time and I learned some interesting things about what cold really is. Cold as defined in Google is a little different than Cold as defined by “Rangers.”

Google -a keeper of a park
Chairlift Google-someone from Northern Wisconsin

Google-low temperature
Chairlift Google-not in Coloradoans vocabulary; ask someone from Wisconsin who really knows

A friend of mine recently needed to purchase a new snow-blower (for those 24-inch days!) so she skied by herself one day. Every lift ride she talked snow blowers. She talked to locals who truly do know best and even found a Simplicity representative from the east coast.

Google -easy to understand or do
Chairlift Google-Snowblower brand

I’ve heard of people using the Chairlift Google for everything from job searches to partner searches.  Just like Google.

Chairlift Google-
1. skiing by yourself looking for a free seat on a chairlift
2. unmarried

Be brave-talk to the folks on the chairlift and learn all about the world.

Chairlift Google.