City of Steamboat Springs Help Funds 26 Events for 2013

The City of Steamboat Springs City Council approved the annual budget for funding 26 events for the upcoming year. Steamboat Springs hosts a huge variety of events every year and this year, we will see at least six new ones. These events bring in much appreciated tourism dollars and overall increase the value of our community. It’s what makes Steamboat, Steamboat!

Flash Mob at Winter Carnival 2013

According the Steamboat Today, the committee that awards the available funds had a tough time making their selections. The usual requests for funding were almost double compared to last year. The committee likes to encourage new venues while at the same time, support the old, much loved venues. Eventually, the more established venues are encouraged to develop 100% of their own funding over time.

This year, funding for 26 events was granted. It’s pretty exciting to see six new events added to the list this year:

The 20 events that we have seen and loved in the past that continue to get some City support are:

  • The Free Summer Concerts
  • Steamboat Springs Running Series
  • Paddling life Open/Yampa River Fest
  • Mad Mud Run
  • Piknik Theater Festival
  • Steamboat Mountain Soccer Tournament
  • Strings Kitchen and Garden Tour
  • Ninth annual Tour de Steamboat
  • Steamboat lake Sprint Triathlon/Steamboat Triathlon
  • Steamboat Wine Festival
  • Steamboat All Arts Festival
  • Emerald City Opera
  • Strings AAF Performances
  • USA Pro Challenge
  • Wild West Air Fest
  • Run Rabbit Run
  • Sisters in Steamboat
  • Triple Crown
  • Steamboat OktoberWest

If you have never seen a Cattle Dog event, than you are missing a fun show. The National Cattle Dog Association National Finals will be held this June in Steamboat. Dogs with a job-there’s nothing like it. To see the incredible interaction between the handler and the dog is something to admire-I highly recommend it.

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