Now that the ski season is over, the weather is getting warmer and we are home until further notice it is time to put the ski gear away. And by putting it away, I don’t mean throwing it all in the garage, shutting the door and hoping for the best. Here is a quick guide to smart storage that could save you some pennies next season.


1. Flush skis and bindings with fresh water, air dry in the sun.

2. Stone edges to remove burrs and rust. Sharpen with file so they are razor smooth and ready to rip next winter.

3. Scrape any remaining wax from your bases, then clean with a base cleaner or citrus solvent (available at many ski shops, or online).

4. Apply a liberal coat of wax to bases using a hot iron. No need to scrape skis; simply let the bases soak for the summer. 

5. Strap skis together and store in a dry, moderate temperature environment out of direct sunlight. 


1. Wipe down with fresh water, getting underneath the buckles. Dry with a cloth.

2. Remove boot liners from shells. It allows boots to properly dry and prevents unwanted fungus or nesting mice. 

3. Buckle the shell. Plastic has a high memory, and will try to straighten out without tension.


Poles: Take apart any adjustable ski poles, make sure water isn’t trapped in them, and do any lubricating recommended by the manufacturer.

Probe: Dry your probe out as well. You don’t want the cable to corrode inside.

Transceiver: Take your beacon batteries out! The fastest way to waste a couple 

Gear: Take the time to sew things that have become frayed (like glove fingers) – you’ll never find the time next season. Bin stuff you’ll never wear again (though, not the classic stuff like 200cm skis, anything neon, one-pieces or vintage shades. You’ll live to regret it). 

Skins: Dry your skins, but not too much. Make sure they are properly dry, then bag them up and store them somewhere cool. Make sure the adhesive is neatly covered to be sure the adhesive does not wear off.

Dry Bags: Check all those so-called dry bags – they become composting bags over the summer if any  moisture gets in there. So open them up, take everything out, dry them until crispy. In fact – beware all bags! If your probe is in a back pack, then get it out and dry it thoroughly.

Helmets: If you have a removable liner take it out and wash it. At the very least make sure the helmet gets properly dried with the rest of your swag.


Now it is time to sit down and have a good cry.  It doesn’t really help your gear, but it should make you feel a lot better. Happy packing folks!


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