Lack of Snow Affecting Early Season Bookings

Good morning and happy Friday to all of my fellow Steamboaters (and the rest of you too)!  In coming to the end of yet another week, as well as another November, this unseasonably warm weather has me scratching my head.  We’re stepping on the heels of December and instead of the snow covered landscape that’s typical for this time of year,  there’s still plenty of grass, some of it even still green, to be seen all over town.  What’s the deal, Mother Nature?  Well, whatever the reason for the bee in her bonnet, Mother Nature’s sour attitude hasn’t gone unnoticed by those who live outside the ‘Boat either.

According to a recent article in the Steamboat Today, Lack of natural snow hurts lodging reservations in Steamboat Springs,  the lodging barometer, published every Wednesday by the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association to guide its members in staffing levels, anticipates 2,600 visitors will spend the night here Saturday compared to the forecast for Dec. 3, 2011, that projected 3,700 people in town. The actual visitation numbers for the second week of ski season last year climbed to 4,400 with late arrivals.

And, while early season reservations don’t make up a majority of ski season business, they do send a pretty strong message about what people are thinking.

Let’s hope that the chance of snow for this weekend mentioned in yesterday’s article in the Steamboat Today comes to fruition and brings us a little gift from the snow gods.  We all know we could use it (and a lot more)!

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll have another Winter like this!

Wishing all of you an excellent weekend and all of us some snow.