Architects finalize schematic design for new school

There has been a lot of talk and excitement over the new school that will be developed on the west side of town near the Silver Spur, Steamboat II and Heritage Park neighborhoods. Naturally, Buyers and Sellers want to know what kind of impact the new school is going to have on their home values and naturally there is a mixed bag of opinions.  So, here is what we know about real estate surrounding schools in our neighborhood….It’s GOLD!

Take a look at the schools we have in the Steamboat Springs.  Some of the most valuable homes and land surround Soda Creek Elementary, Strawberry Park Elementary and the Steamboat Springs High School.  Yes, these schools are centrally located in valuable areas, but even homes on busy streets like Amethyst Drive sell for higher prices because of the view of the school and distance to and from school.  Families want to be close to schools, especially elementary schools, when kids are at an age where you are their personal chauffeur for just about everything…activities, sports, recitals, you name it.  Not only is it convenient, the presence of an elementary school, brings a natural joy – just read the comments in the paper.  Who doesn’t like the sounds of kids playing? I mean, besides grumpy people..we all know a few grumpy people.

The school is just a start to the development of west Steamboat. It is known that if there is any further development to Steamboat it will be west Steamboat. More development means more opportunity and more options, but that is for another day…or year.

So what are the facts?  Well, with a fund of $52 million from part of the $79.5 million ballot issue that was narrowly passed by voters on November. 5, 2019, they are planning to break ground this summer on the 35 acres of Steamboat Springs School District land.

The 74,000 square foot school design process is well underway, and the architects have finalized the schematic design for the school. The main entrance from the school will be to the north of the site at a planned roundabout off of Routt County 42 (the road that takes you to Silver Spur). A smaller road, connecting the site directly to U.S. Highway 40 to the south, is part of meeting access requirements for fire codes and will only allow for a right turn in and a right turn out.

There was also discussions on the importance of walking paths for kids in the neighborhoods close by, using the property for a baseball field for the entire district, the importance of incorporating “breakout spaces” – smaller areas or rooms dedicated to group learning. There have also been discussions about big windows and lots of natural light, a media center/library with a big wall of windows as well as plans that call for translucent windows above the gymnasium. But this is all very early to be finalizing all of these discussions.  At this point, details like where the janitor’s closet should go and if kindergarteners should have bathrooms in their classrooms are what the focus is on.  For more information on this phase of the design for the new school click here.

Stay tuned for more details on the next phase. Design development, is set for a March 11 meeting, and the final phase, construction documents, will be tackled in May or June.  We are excited, the community is excited, and homeowners should be excited!

Presentations and minutes from the meetings can be found at

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