Running in Steamboat
Running in Steamboat Springs

One more reason to live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado – we’re healthier

Today, some breaking news that’s worth repeating: Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the country. I’m sure an entire new study would need to be performed to understand why. But I’m going to speculate.

Year after year Americans gain weight. Since 1995, every state but one has seen an increase in obesity. But Colorado residence seem to be breaking this trend. And Steamboat Springs might just be a good example of why this is so.

See recent article about obesity throughout the country.

I live an active lifestyle. I grew up skiing, going on hikes and being pretty active in athletics. But as we grow older we tend to have less time to exercise and the pounds just add up. But one of the first things I noticed when I moved to Steamboat over 6 years ago was the amount of healthy and in-shape people out exercising. On nice days, which we have about 300 per year, on my local 3 mile commute to work, I see them. Many of them. Old and young. Women and men. Short and tall. Wide and thin. They are out there, biking, running, skating, walking, golfing, skiing, soccer, tennis, golf, rafting, you name it, they are doing it – all the time.

I know, Steamboat Springs brags about how many Olympian there are in town or how many world class athletes have come from, or spent time training in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. But that’s not who I’m talking about. I’m talking about the people that make up the core of Steamboat. The people that you see at City Market buying bread. The people that take your order in a restaurant, the people that file your insurance claim, the people that teach our kids. It’s everyone. Well not everyone, but there are more people here in Steamboat Springs that exercise on a regular basis.

One great new obsession of locals in called Manic Training. It’s all the talk and one more way to keep Colorado in the news and in shape.

So congrats to the people of Colorado for breaking the trend. Be healthy, eat right, and give Steamboat a try.

Biking in Steamboat Springs
Biking in Steamboat Springs

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