Routt County Real Estate Tax Assessment- Don’t Freak Out

routt county tax assessment
routt county tax assessment

Last week, Routt Country sent out the new real estate values to all home owners in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Many of you are reading about the Steamboat Springs real estate recovery yet looking at your recent assessed value for your home and reading that it’s worth about 10, 20, even 30% off what you had thought your home might be worth. You are not alone.  These assessed values are calculated off of a June 30, 2012 date. Or something around that date.

The assessed value you read today are not accurate. These amounts are a guesstimate based on the sales price of homes in the past. It’s very likely your home is worth more . . . a lot more!

Take a look at this video I made a few months back about home values and how to price a home in today’s Steamboat real estate market. If you want a more accurate valuation, please send me an email or give me a call. I’d be happy to supply a more accurate assessment.

Given this information, should you do anything? No. This just means your taxes are lower. You can protest the amount and have them adjusted. And if you feel they are too high, protesting this value might be best. I can help you with that too. But if your assessed value is low, that doesn’t mean your home is worth that number. Your homes value today is whatever the “market value” is today. And I’d guess it’s on the rise and more than the Routt county assessed value.



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