Possible snow in the mountains today in Colorado . . . really?

Streamboat Springs in the fall with the Yampa River

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. Living in the Rocky Mountains is like living in Disneyland. At least here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is like Disneyland to me.  I had a client laugh at me when I said we were going on vacation . . . ! I mean with a world-class ski resort, world-class fly fishing, great biking road and mountain, great hiking, golf, boating, and more – and the clean mountain air, it’s a wonderful place to call home.

But it’s September 14th and they are talking about snow tonight. This is not uncommon. I don’t think we’ll wake up to snow tomorrow.

This happen every fall. Our typical temperatures in Steamboat Springs during the summer are mid-80’s during the day and cooling off to mid-50’s at night. Perfect sleeping temperature and just nice and cozy during the day.

Then is happens. One morning you wake up with the windows open and the hot cup of coffee doesn’t quite keep you warm. Then you look out and the temperature if around 38 degrees. Fall is here and the leaves are about to change colors.

Welcome Old Man Winter, but please give us a few more weeks of warm days.

This is from a little over a year ago.