Steamboat Springs Middle School gets an A+

According to an article in the Steamboat Springs Today, “Steamboat Springs Middle School Shines in a New Report Card of Colorado Public Schools” by Scott Franz, we do shine!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Steamboat Springs community is a great place to raise kids.  And now, one of our Middle Schools has the ranking that proves it. The Colorado School Grades ranked Steamboat Springs Middle School an A+.   

Currently there are two main organizations that grade schools in Colorado; the Colorado Department of Education’s Performance Framework and The Colorado School Grades. Both systems us the Colorado Department of Education’s School Performance Framework data but they evaluate and report the data slightly different. The Colorado School Grades translates the data into a user-friendly grade of A+ thru F, while the Colorado Department of Education ranks schools into just four categories: Performance, Improvement, Priority Improvement, and Turnaround. 

Colorado School Grades  rated Steamboat Springs Middle school an A+ putting it in the elite category that only 10% of the schools in Colorado earned. The Department of Education gave Steamboat Springs Middle School their top honor of Performance

There are many factors that go into these evaluations but as a parent of a 10-year old, I believe the Steamboat Springs community has a great influence over our children.  There is an awareness by both the children and parents that we are a small community and word gets around. Which is great-most of the time. There is an accountability and it does take a village to raise a child.

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