Steamboat’s Trailhead Lodge to Auction Remaining Condos December, 15th.

Over the last 3 months, the average 2-3 bedroom condo for sale at the Steamboat ski area was $356 per square foot.  That makes the Trailhead Lodge Auction average price of $331 per square foot look like a great deal.  Well, not only does it look like a great deal, but it actually is a great deal.

The remaining Wildhorse Meadows and Trailhead Lodge condos will go up for auction next month in Steamboat.  A second and hopefully last auction for the remaining Luxury Condos at Trailhead Lodge in Wild Horse Meadows will take place December 15, 2012.  It will be held in Steamboat Springs.  The last auction, which was held back in May, was well received and now they are looking to sell the remaining units in the auction currently scheduled for next month.

Why might this auction be a deal for you?  Well, if you want to purchase a new condo with great amenities like a pool, hot tubs, exercise room, and the gondola that takes you right to the ski area, Trailhead Lodge makes sense to me.

If you’d like my insights and to see if a ski condo in Trailhead Lodge is a fit for you, give me a call.  I can help you choose the right unit that fits your needs. The auction is December 15th, so let get going soon to select the right condo for you.  I can register you and represent you for this upcoming auction.