STOP – Just STOP! We Need to Save Our Bears

100 bears were killed in 2012 – up from 32 in 2011 in just three Colorado Counties.

We need to STOP and think and save our bears.

Bear 504 with his new collar
Bear 504 with his new collar –  Photo compliments of Sharon Baruch-Mordo

One interaction between a bear and a dumpster can mean a death sentence for that bear. Once a bear finds feed in your birdfeeder or tasty trash, he will learn to come back. It’s a little like finding out that wild raspberries taste good-they will keep looking for them to eat. And bear/human interactions are a losing battle for the bear. Colorado has a one-strike-you’re-out policy. If they can, the Parks and Wildlife department will tag and relocate the “problem” bear  but if it has another interaction with humans the bear will be killed. And  it will be your fault.

In Routt County, you can be issued a $100 ticket for your first-offense for unsecured trash. Your second ticket will be $150.00.  Then the courts can issue fines up to $999.00. So, besides you personally being responsible for the death of a bear, you can face some hefty fines.

With the historic drought of 2012, the bear/human interactions have been escalating in Colorado. In addition, the human population has been increasing changing the bears habitat. According to an article in The Independent Post, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, these factors collided in 2012 creating the worst year for bear fatalities that a 38 year veteran of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Perry Will has ever seen.

100 bears were killed in 2012 in just Pitkin, Eagle, and Garfield counties. In the City of Aspen last year, the police got 1,040 bear calls….

Bears Chart 2012
Bears Chart 2012

So, bring in your bird-feeders, secure your trash, don’t feed your pets outside, and don’t be part of the problem.

The wildlife is one of the many reasons we love living in Colorado-let’s try not to destroy it.

It’s serious.


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