US Telemark National Championship Ski Races Begins

The US Telemark National Championship Ski Races will be held in Steamboat Springs February 22-24. Why do I write this? Because it tells you a little bit more about who I am. Last year, at the age of 48, I won the National Championship in New Hampshire.  And no, that’s not for my age group, that’s overall. Yes, the majority of my competition is much younger than I am. But my competitive spirit and drive just comes out of me when I race.

Charlie telemark racing
Charlie telemark racing

I started alpine racing many years ago and was a member of the US Telemark Ski Team for the last 4 + years. I still continue on with this passion into my old age of 49! Not bad for a very physically demanding sport. In March, I will be going to Spain to compete in the World Championship.

Skiing, like any competitive sport, requires physical strength and talent but also discipline. Having a competitive streak and being highly disciplined I believe helps me in selling Real Estate. I work hard at everything I do!

And I fish (and fish, and fish…)

Real estate, videography, photography, and skiing are just a few of my passions so I thought I would let you know a little more about me.

So check out the telemark races online and maybe you’ll see me participating in one of my many passions.


Ski on!