Sure, you’ve heard video helps sell real estate, but what is it about the video that truly captures a buyer?

Well for starters you get a feel for the home and the layout. You can start to picture where you would put your couch or where you would have dinner. But, what sets one video apart from another is the story from the homeowners themselves, the story about how the fell in love with the home. How the sun shines into the home, how the kitchen was designed with so much thought they even took putting the dishes away into consideration, how their kids walked to school since Kindergarten. That is what a Buyer wants to know. Yes, yes… the granite countertops, triple pane windows and 3-car garage are important details as well, but that’s not what you’re going to remember when you are thinking about the home you raised your children in. Or the cabin you went to in the summertime, or the ski condo you visited in the winter. Stories not only tell the past but they can help you envision the future.

It doesn’t matter what the price is, there is a story to every home, and that story matters.  That story sells homes.

Another story. Another sale. Just Sold: 885 Douglas Street, Steamboat Springs, CO.

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