Steamboat Ski Home with Functional Luxury

“Omigosh, Alpenglow Way is great!”  That’s the response I just get when people tour this home.

2660 Alpenglow Way is truly a home; it’s not just a vacation home.  The designer of Alpenglow had functionality and beauty in mind. I like homes that you can live in with a gaggle of people. Alpenglow Way has 5,277 square feet  and  5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms.  But the special part, that I think a lot of people can appreciate, is all the functional bonus rooms.

2660 Alpenglow Way Income
2660 Alpenglow Way Income

Of course, the kitchen is stellar with granite counter tops and professional grade appliances. There are numerous fireplaces and  flat screen tv’s, a 900 lb dining room table that really is a work of art, a hot tub, decks, and all that. Besides all these the luxurious basics, this home features  a game room, a reading room, and a “Wii  Room”.


900 lb. Custom Dining Room Table

Imagine yourself entertaining with your friends bellied up to the bar in the kitchen while you create a masterpiece. Now, the special part, half the kids are upstairs in the game room playing Wii,  while grandma is in one of the three master bedrooms taking a nap, and moody Sara is in the reading room on the landing, tucked away quietly reading wishing her boyfriend was here too .  Maybe later, everyone will gather on the comfy couches  in the entertainment room to watch a video.

Daily life, daily tasks, everyday conveniences can come alive in a well planned, functional home. The vaulted ceilings, soaring windows, incredible views, in one of Colorado premier playgrounds is just icing on the cake.

Hmm, I almost forgot to mention the rental income. With the bus route just steps away this home attracts vacationers all year long.  In 2011, gross rental income was $85,000. Maybe I should have mentioned that earlier? But then again, it’s not always all about money – it should be all about happiness and a good life.




Ski home for sale in Steamboat
Living room/kitchen
Ski home for sale in Steamboat
Huge itchen just made for entertaining