5 Key Steps To Selling A Home

There are many factors that go into selling a home, which a good real estate agent will discuss with you. But here are 5 tried and true steps that every seller should prepare for and do when putting their home on the market:

An inviting walkway can set the mood as well as direct people to a discretely positioned front door.

1. Curb appeal. First impressions count, especially in real estate. If a buyer gets a bad impression before they enter the home, your house has to work that much harder to get their interest.

A beautiful front yard has a big impact, but if gardening isn’t your thing then at a bare minimum you should mow, remove weeds, rake leaves, trim branches that are overhanging walkways, straighten the patio furniture, and remove any items that might deter buyers. If it is winter then make sure walkways and driveways are cleared of snow and ice.

If it is in your budget to freshen up the yard with some new mulch or plants, that’s a bonus. But what is most important is that the yard should look cared for and welcoming. Now is not the time to be doing a car restoration in the driveway!

Clean lines and a lack of personal items enhance the size of the room


2. Staging. I think this word evokes images of hiring professionals and spending money, but staging is extremely valuable in selling a home – and it doesn’t have to cost a thing! Since most of us are still living in our homes while they are for sale, it may not be practical or within budget to edit entire rooms. The best compromise is to declutter and rearrange. Pack away the snow globe collection and the photo’s stuck with magnets to the fridge, keep counters clear of paperwork and appliances, and put surplus furniture in storage or a friends garage for the duration. Buyers need to be able to visualize living in a space, how their furniture will fit, and feel like there will be plenty of space and storage.

If you have already moved out and the home is empty consider renting or borrowing a few key pieces of suitable furniture, especially in spaces where its use might not be so obvious to a buyer. Sometimes buyers will have trouble visualizing living in an empty space so we need to give them a little guidance.


Make beds and do a quick tidy before every showing.
Make beds and do a quick tidy before every showing.

3. Cleanliness is key. The power of a clean house is unbeatable. Buyers are trying to visualize themselves in your home and regardless of how we live in reality, the picture in our head is always that of a clean space! Clean walls and windows, scrub bathrooms and kitchens, remove grime and pet hair. Don’t forget buyers will look in all nooks and crannies so now is a good time to straighten the linen cupboard and wipe down the washing machine. One of the top requests from buyers is “move-in ready” and the cleaner a home, the newer the home will look.


A classic white kitchen never goes out of style.
A classic white kitchen never goes out of style.

4. Should we remodel? Now isn’t the time to do a major remodel unless its crucial, as these projects can be lengthy and expensive. However small remodels can have a significant impact and not make a big dent in your wallet. Great ideas to consider are new paint, new flooring, new light fixtures, matching appliances. Again most buyers want to move right into a home, so fresh is best – just try to choose items that will have widespread appeal and make sure installation is done well.

5. Professional photography and marketing is worth the effort. The first impression the majority of buyers will get of your home, is through photos and video’s online. Make sure your real estate agent provides professional grade photography and marketing materials! Good marketing will draw buyers to your home, create a strong and positive impression, and is a very important tool in selling a home.


With a good real estate agent by your side and these tools in your belt, you have just increased your likelihood of selling sooner – and at a higher price!




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