Why do we live in Steamboat Springs? Here’s a few real reasons:

  • It’s tucked away in the Rocky mountains with endless outdoor recreation.
  • The community is tight-knit and welcoming.
  • The Steamboat School District constantly ranks near the top in the state and the population is very environmentally aware.
  • Steamboat’s western heritage is rich in history and still very much a part of the community today.
  • We’re far enough away from I-70 but close enough to escape to the city when we want to.

For those in the city, increased time inside close quarters during this pandemic has many of those metropolitans on the fence about uprooting their lives to less congested areas. These uncertain times are making people think about what really makes them happy. Several companies and their newly remote workers are finding working from home is sustainable. This is giving those urbanites the nudge they need to leap from the fence and relocate.

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, “The coronavirus is challenging the assumption that Americans must stay physically tethered to traditionally hot job markets—and the high costs and small spaces that often come with them—to access the best work opportunities. Three months into the pandemic, many workers find themselves in jobs that, at least for now, will let them work anywhere, creating a wave of movement across the country.”


I knew this urban flight would happen, I just didn’t think it would be so soon. There are countless buyers from all over the country wanting to make Steamboat home. The problem is there’s just not that many homes to sell. Record low inventory has created a frenzy in the Steamboat real estate market. Multiple offers, bidding wars, properties selling in a day, it’s real, and it’s here to stay. Game on.






















We’re already seeing a major influx of interest in the Steamboat Springs Real Estate Market – our market is hotter than it has been in quite some time. Inventory is moving quickly, so if you’re debating over a property in Steamboat you better act FAST.






















Now all this activity in the real estate market is fine. Especially if you already own. But with prices on the rise, it can be frustrating to buy in these markets. It’s also unsettling when I see what I call “bad properties” selling for high amounts. I’m talking about homes poorly built or home in bad locations sell for top dollar. This type of real estate typically only sells when the market is hot. And it’s because inventory is low people tend to get desperate and make tough decisions.

If you work with me I will advise you with a clear conscience and make sure your decisions are done with the right intension.

It’s not just Steamboat that’s seeing real estate value up, it’s all small towns that are appealing. Here’s a Colorado Sun article on just this change.

Steamboat Springs is home to many and I believe that it will become “home” to many more here soon.




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