The Largest Aspen Tree Challenge!

Do you know where the largest Aspen tree is? .  

Here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we just about worship Aspen trees. Which is a good thing because we have a lot of them. 

Aspen trees in Steamboat Springs
Fall Aspen Grove on Steamboat Springs Ski Area – Mt. Werner

I want to know if you’ve ever seen one larger than this:

Large aspen tree in Steamboat Springs
The Largest Aspen! I bet you haven’t seen one larger.

If you have, do you have proof? This one is somewhere close to the Flat Tops outside of Steamboat Springs. But, like my favorite fishing hole, I will have to kill you if I told you where this was exactly.

Let me know – the challenge has been made….I just don’t think you’ve seen one larger….

 Aspens dominate the Steamboat Springs mountainsides.  In addition, they are the highlight of many majestic homes and small condominium landscaping. They provide a grace and beauty year-round to our Yampa Valley and Colorado.

Aspens are also known as Quaking Aspens and technically are Populus tremuloides. Their shimmering and trembling leaves make a very distinct sound in the wind so that’s probably where  they get part of their scientific name.

Aspen reproduce primarily through their root system and given the right circumstances, will send up shoots to create new trees. A grove of Aspens is considered one organism since they all share one root system. Often they are referred to as the largest living organism on earth. You can identify each grove as a clone of each other because they will simultaneously change colors in the fall creating spectacular displays.

Although we have a stunning amount of Aspens we don’t hold the title for the most. Supposedly the largest living organism taking the title of oldest and heaviest is a grove of Aspen in Utah known as “Pando.” They say it is 80,000 years old and covers 106 acres with 47,000 trees.

The challenge has been made, let me know where you think the largest Aspen tree is!


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