Seems a couple NY Times employees spent 36 hours in Steamboat Springs. And seems they must have asks a few locals what to do in that time-frame. 36 hours is not a lot of time and one can easily make some bad decisions. But is seem they had a pretty good time and seemed to hit some prime points.

1. I love Cafe Diva:  Café Diva (1855 Ski Time Square Drive; 970-871-0508,

2. CV Bistro is right up there: Bistro C.V. (345 Lincoln Avenue, 970-879-4197;

3. Freshies is all you need for breakfast or lunch:Freshies (595 South Lincoln Avenue; 970-879-8099;

4. Strawberry hot springs is a must see: Strawberry Park Hot Springs (44200 County Road 36, 970-879-0342;

5. The Laundry ain’t messin’ around for exquisite taste either: Laundry (127 11th Street; 970-870-0681;

6. Carl’s and Sweetwater’s not bad places to end up either. At Carl’s Tavern (700 Yampa Avenue; 970-761-2060;,  Sweetwater Grill (811 Yampa Avenue; 970-879-9500;

So for the 36 hours the NY Times staff was here, they did it right.

You can’t go wrong if you follow their lead. Follow their paths here.