197 Hill Street…Beautiful, Unique, For Sale in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Welcome to another beautiful morning in the winter wonderland that Steamboat Springs, Colorado has become overnight!  Although I know that all of you have seen my other blogs about this home, Downtown Green Living at 197 Hill Street in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Steamboat Springs Hill Street Home Offers the Perfect Lifestyle Balance,  this home is just so special and unique that I felt that it deserved another mention.

As we’re beginning to make our way into another long, snowy winter, the location of any home you might be thinking about purchasing becomes even more important and when we get to talking about location, you really can’t beat the location of this magnificent home.  Being nestled right in the heart of downtown Steamboat Springs puts it in just the right spot to enjoy all the convenience that downtown has to offer with just a short walk.

The natural beauty, warmth and inviting charm of this home make it a perfect place to cuddle up and enjoy watching the snow fall through European style windows.  And, green, economic geo-thermal heating makes this home a pleasure to heat in the winter.

With 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a gourmet kitchen, an open floor plan and timber-frame craftsmanship utilizing 150 year old Rock Elm timbers, this unique home is teeming with one of a kind, inimitable features that you’ll have to see to believe.

Give me call at 970.846.6435 or contact me here.  I’d love to show you around.

Regards (and stay warm!),