December was another great month for Real Estate sales in Routt county with total sales volume of $113.9M compared to $78.5M last year (+45.09%).  Highest grossing volume month of the year due in part to the sale of Motherwell Ranch which contributed $27M to the gross volume of the month.

Total transactions were up 128 compared to 119 in December 2018.

Rounded out 2019 with a total gross volume of $905,923,688 which was up 4.46% compare to 2018. Transactions totaled 1,388 which was down -6.03% compared to last year.  The demand is still higher than supply.

The Clift notes:

  • Average residential price was $731,251 for 2019 compared to $686,781 for 2018.
  • Average price per square foot $373 YTD (new unit sales are $455 on avg)
  • There were 3 New Unit Sales in December
  • Local buyers made up 48% our sales in December in Routt county
  • There were a total of 193 loans in December with 62% of purchasers closing with financing at the time of sale while 38% closed with cash.   There were 117 refinances.

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Improved Residential Average Price % Appreciation
2015  $549,566
2016  $568,877 3.39
2017  $592,745 4.02
2018  $686,781 13.69
2019  $731,251 6.08